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25 Years Netram

NETRAM transceivers, modules & cables according to industry standard MSA and JEDEC I compatibility is our business!

GBIC SFP + XFP X2 QSFP Transceiver Fiber Optic RAM CDWM / DWDM Our product range includes optical transceivers and modules for fiber optic networks and convergent infrastructure solutions. Direct attach cable solutions, media converters, stacking cables, fiber optic cable installation accessories and modular transceivers that have been designed and tested to function in your system! The NETFIBER modular principle of the fiber optic network modules supports a wide variety of requirements. Depending on the version, the modules transmit from 100MBit up to 100GBit at distances of up to 120km. Professional memory upgrades in over 30,000 system-specific variants! NETRAM Memory offers you a wide range of memory upgrades with the focus on primarily using memory modules from original equipment manufacturers such as Smart Modular, Micron, Samsung or Hynix.

SFP / mini-GBIC GBIC SFP + memory, transceiver, OEM, cables

As an independent electronics specialist with over 20 years of experience, we have the necessary market transparency to identify those products that best suit your needs. The focus is on cost optimization in IT procurement, primarily taking into account the high quality requirements of our long-term customers.

NETRAM is also a modular online shop with thousands of articles across the entire range of electronic components. Customers can cover all their needs quickly and easily on one platform, and support is available from the sales team. Highlights include the quotation service, with which customers can upload a complete parts list and have an offer made, as well as an extensive database. We look forward to your request for system-specific IT solutions and would be happy to convince you personally of the constant quality and attractive conditions of our products.

With the founding of the NETRAM® brand in 1997, the company specialized in the core competencies of semiconductors, everything from DRAM chips to NAND flash memory. Thus 20 years of experience in sales and production of proprietary solutions for IT systems. Since 2001, customers can also benefit from a wide range of optical transceiver solutions, GBIC SFP + XFP X2 Xenpak QSFP NETRAM transceivers, modules & cables according to industry standard MSA and JEDEC I compatibility is our business !.

Over 600,000 installed modules
Successful for 20 years
All industry standards tested